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Acidic Ramming Mass


The role of Acidic Ramming Mass in steel melting through induction Furnance is very important. Due to its important prop­
erty to with stand thermal shocks without developing any cracks due to interrupted power supply which is the case through out our conutry We have taken initiative to develop acidic ramming mass of high quality silica Quartz having heavy dencity.


Our ramming mass is a product of super snow white crystalline quartz havmg 99.90% Silicon dioxide (sio2 ) and manufact­ured under strict quality control and calci­ned to eliminate the spal1ing tendancy in stabilized form, where silica neither exponds nor contracts It is suitable for with standing higher temperature upto l720oc


Sio2 - 99.90'/.
Al2O3 - 0.02%

Free from Iron contents

Softerning Point : - 1280 C

Porosity : 50
Compression St : 350 Kg /CM2
Bulk Density : 2.00 to 2.2 Ton/M3
PCE Value ASTN No : 31-32

Important Features:

  1. For the first new lining the requirem­ent of Acidic Ramming Mass is almost 50% of the Furnace capacity in weight.

  2. Remove iron or steel contents by powerful megnet.

  3. It is required to be preheated to 70'-80'C. So as to eliminate moisture during summer months In winter season or rai­ny season. the mass should be preheat­ed at a temperature of 140o - 150o C. then after cooling it down to 50o - 60oC mix thoroughly 0.8 to 1.5 percent boric acid according to the size of the crucible.

  4. Usually 12% of boric acid of medical grade is used for furnaces up to 3 tonn­es Capacity

  5. Store the Ramming mass in dry and dust free area.

    Has got three Categories as under­:

    1. Grade M1 Suitable up to 1.5 Tonne furnace capacity.

    2. Grade M2 Suitable for 2 to 3 Tonne furnace capacity.

    3. Grade M3 Suitable For 5 Tonne furnace capacity .

      In addition to all we guarantee more lining life with our meterial compared to any other. While sending your querries and orders please do specify the capacity of furnace and type of steel you are manufacturing to enable us to give you the correct combination of Material and advise.

      Application :

      Our Addic Ramming Mass is used by mixing boric acid 0.8% To 1.5% according to the type of metal Low for Steel and high for cast iron melting. Complete lining guidance can be furnished as required according to the size of furnace

      Packing :
      Standard Packing available in 50 kg. HDPE bags & 1 or 1.25 mt Jumbo bags with liner inside, or as per customer requirements.