Gupta Grinding Mills

Magnesium Oxide

We offer high quality magnesium aluminium oxide that is produced by an ionic bond between oxygen and magnesium atom. We stand in the midst of supreme magnesium oxide manufacturers, based in India. Due to the narrow range of reactivity of magnesium oxide powder, this grade is typically used in applications where slow degradation or chemical reactivity is required such as with animal feeds and fertilizers. We are having quality mines of high grade MGO near dist Ajmer and following all Govt. rules & pollutions controls rules. Doe to our abidance of the quality norms, we have received awards from state Govt. of Rajasthan for well mining & facilities in 2005.

General Specification

Chemical Formula MgO
Physical Appearance Free Flow Powder
Purity as MgO 70% - 87%
Silica as SiO2 11% Max
L.O.I 2% Max
Mgo 90 % Min
Mg 51% Min
LOI 1.6%
Fe2o3 1.5%
Alumina 0.85%
Calcium Oxide 1.2%
Silica 8.5%
Powder 100 or 200 mesh 90% passing