Gupta Grinding Mills


We are a well renowned name in the manufacturing and exporting of world class fabricated mica that mainly includes mica powder and mica flakes. Mica mineral is invaluable in the electrical industry because of its unique combination of physical, chemical and thermal properties, low power loss factor, dielectric constant and dielectric strength. We have carved a niche as one of the preeminent mica flakes manufacturers and wholesale mica suppliers, based in India. Words like exclusive and unparallel, appear out to be most appropriate if one starts looking for the terms to describe the quality of mica powder provided by us. So become a privileged shopper and join us for the best deal possible.


Specification (Anaylsis for Mica Powder )

SiO2 54.48 Moisture at 0.35%
Al2O3 28.50 PH of 10% solu 9.95
Fe2O3 01.60 Specific gravity 2.80
CaO 00.53 Bulk densities 0.56 gm/ml
MgO 01.72 Oil absorption 54.93ml/100gm
K2O 06.80 Whiteness (pammis) 75%
H2O 00.60 Whiteness (others) 64.71
Refractive index 1.571.59
Loss on ignition 3.98%
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Mica Flakes Exporter
Mica Flakes is mica scrap ground into sizes ranging from 2 mesh to 30 mesh. We prepare colored mica flakes by the means of rotary hammer crushing machine in which the mica is beaten till such time that the required size is not achieved. Ground into various sizes from pure muscovite mica, our Mica Flakes are greatly sought after by

Mica Powder Supplier
Mica powder in various forms is obtained by grinding/breaking mica scrap, which is a slow, costly and extremely complicated process, because of the scrap being tough and having a plate like structure. We take meticulous care and precaution that there is no deterioration in its natural brilliance, color and properties. Our factories for